"A leather seat for a rider on a horse" - Oxford Dictionary 

The saddle design is elegant and has a unique beauty. 

when a horse wears it, it strikes as a mark of grace, strength & beauty. The same qualities that never die in a woman. 

This collection covers different tastes, yet they combine all elements of the saddle. Some designs were inspired by skilled horsewomen, horse riding gear or horse contestants. 

Saddle collection has elements from the past knights added to modern looks. Some from the ranches, some countryside cowboy-inspired. The indigenous people's style contributed a lot to this collection. 

All these unique inspirations directed the colour pallet towards shades of browns, navy blue, greys, a little bit of white and most importantly, red. 

We all heard the phrase "Saddle up". which means to get ready to do something or to go somewhere. To have the courage to show your true self, follow your dreams and get what you want in life. 

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    Statement Dress

    The Fitted Dress from the top and the skirt is a decorative wrap creating a slight high-low effect. Featuring a semi-mock neck, the top part of the dress is fitted with NH ALRABIAH signature lines in an accent colour on the cuffs. In addition to a decorative wrap-like skirt that gives a slight high-low effect 

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