Our Story

NH ALRABIAH is founded by two sisters Nora & Haya AlRabiah in 2020, named after their initials & last name. NH is inspired by timeless art woven in every aspect of our lives combined with individuality and the simple, elegant and unequivocal beauty of every woman.


NH ALRABIAH is an all-women team. NH stands for empowerment, diversity & equality. The brand is coming straight from Kuwait in the Middle East to women everywhere. Each piece has an inspiration & a story. NH provides women with the luxury & art they deserve.


NH ALRABIAH is a brand inspired by Nora & Haya's passion to empower women to make clothing choices significantly contribute to their confidence, raise their self-esteem, and help propel them to success both in the workplace and at home among family and friends. 

Nora & Haya realize that every sketch idea needs a vision and a focused strategy in order to be successfully executed. Therefore, their vision for their Kuwaiti brand is to penetrate in every market and improve women's purchasing habits all over the world.